Media analysis: the reach of the financial trade press

Financial trade press publications have reinvented themselves for the digital era.

Digital readership for the majority of titles is now higher than the print circulation with publishers using regular e-mail newsletters and social media to reach their audiences.

It is well understood that Financial Adviser, Investment Adviser, Investment Week, Wealth Manager, Fund Strategy and the like play a vital role in distributing industry news and intelligence.

To better understand their reach and readership, Bulletin has compiled an infographic featuring more than 30 financial trade press outlets, including key institutional investment publications, showing their print circulation and unique website users.

Just as importantly, we have collected the number of people registered to receive regular e-mail updates from many of these publications. Yes some of these updates will end up in spam boxes and recipients will not click through on every story, but where readers see the headlines in their inbox there will be an “impression” for companies featured which will help to increase brand awareness.

Collecting this kind of information is essential intelligence in helping us identify the best target media for each of our financial services clients. We carried out a similar analysis of the print and online readerships of the UK quality press last year.

Accompanying this blog post is just a taster of our infographic featuring a selection of publications and the number of their users registered to receive e-mail newsletters.


Infographic of trade publications email subscriptions

Financial trade publications and the number of their users registered to receive e-mail newsletters

Get in touch if you’d like to see our financial media infographic in full.

In the UK, the market is dominated by the Financial Times Group, Incisive Media, Last Word Media, Centaur Media and Citywire.

The FT Group is the biggest player. Its weekly Financial Adviser title has the largest print circulation of any financial trade media. Its sister website boasts 45,000 unique browsers per month, bolstered by content from Money Management and Investment Adviser magazines.

The FT Group also boasts a number of niche publications, including Ignites Europe, covering the European fund industry for institutional investment professionals.

Incisive Media is the publisher of Investment Week. Its stable also includes Professional Adviser – formerly a weekly magazine that went online only in April 2015 – as well as Professional Pensions and Retirement Planner.

Wealth Manager and New Model Adviser, published by Citywire, have circulations of 4,463 and 5,548 respectively but their e-mail newsletters reach many more subscribers and monthly unique users of their respective websites number in the tens of thousands.

International Adviser and Portfolio Adviser, published by Last Word Media, also reach more people via e-mail than in print.

Centaur Media is another significant player, not least because it organises the Headlinemoney Awards, recognising the best financial services journalists and, not insignificantly, giving them an opportunity to get dressed up and plied with free booze.

Centaur produces Fund Strategy and Money Marketing, with some journalists working across both titles. Breaking news is covered by the websites with deeper analysis covered in print – a strategy that helps keep print relevant. Again, circulation for each title is lower than the number of people registered to get news direct to their inbox.

It is a sign of the times.

A decade ago Bulletin’s financial clients would rather be in print than online. That has changed. Given a choice, clients would usually prefer to appear online because of the extra reach that digital is perceived to deliver. Online is also easier to share on Twitter and LinkedIn – enabling clients themselves to participate in spreading their message further, wider and more quickly.

So, credit where credit’s due, looking at the figures we have collated, it is clear that the financial trade press is adapting to the modern digital era and arguably reaching more of the right people than ever before.

To find out more about the circulation, website visitors and registered users of more than 30 UK-based financial trade publications, email or ring 0115 907 8412.