Creating a new website to tell your story

Client: T. Bailey Asset Management Expertise: Digital, Editorial, Graphic design

When investment house T. Bailey Asset Management needed a new website they chose Bulletin, recognising the value of our editorial expertise, design flair and financial services experience.

They wanted a site with a ‘clean’ contemporary design that was easy to navigate. It had to communicate effectively the T. Bailey story: how a family office managing the investments of the Forman Hardy family had grown into a successful investment management business serving individuals, families and intermediaries.

tbailey Homepage

T. Bailey’s new website – written, designed and built by Bulletin.

We were a natural partner because we have been telling their story to journalists for nearly a decade.

Working with them, we identified the key benefits to investors of having their money invested alongside that of the Forman Hardy family and managed by the team at T. Bailey.

The site features clear, jargon-free text explaining the proposition and products. As well as offering important information, like fund prices and fact sheets, the new website includes a content hub to host news, thought leadership, blogs and videos. This is becoming an increasingly valuable way of firms engaging with target audiences and supports search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing strategies.

T. Bailey's new website

Content hubs are becoming an increasingly important part of modern websites.

More than half of Google searches worldwide are now through mobile devices, so Google is beginning to penalise sites that are not mobile friendly or ‘responsive’. As a result, we designed the site to be easily viewed through mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Our developers were also careful to ensure that the transition from the old site to the new went smoothly and that advisers and clients could easily find information on pages they may have previously bookmarked.

Peter Askew, Fund Manager at T. Bailey Asset Management, said: “We were very pleased with the new website and even more pleased with the reaction from our clients and prospective clients, which has been very positive indeed.”

See the website here.

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