Going digital

The start of a beautiful relationship

We can help you engage successfully with clients beyond traditional media and marketing channels.

We help our clients engage directly with customers through social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. We devise strategies and deliver support to help financial services firms use social media effectively within a regulatory framework.

We have the technical expertise to build SEO and digital marketing campaigns – from improving your website architecture to developing cost-effective re-advertising strategies.

We integrate web design, SEO, PR and content marketing to drive visitors to your website and help ensure that when they get there it’s an enjoyable experience – one that will ultimately lead to business.

Central to all of this is content. That brings us back to our strong journalistic core. We can produce the stories that make people want to read about you, talk to you and become interested in buying your products and services.

Digital isn’t a bolt-on option or an afterthought at Bulletin. It’s a significant weapon in our communications armoury. We’re focused on your objectives and market. If digital is an important option for you then we have the skill to deliver it.