The wrong end of the stick

James* was always nervous about the media. “If you give a journalist a stick,” he grumbled, “you should put a big sign on it to tell them where to grab it, because they’ll always get the wrong end.”

He was full of good ideas – a fund manager who spotted interesting stories in charts and data files that no-one else did. He just needed a bit of help in sharing them effectively.

With our support, he quickly became a well-known name. He appeared in many national papers. He was regularly approached by trade journalists for comment and invited to speak at conferences. No longer apprehensive and cautious, he actually came to like journalists!

As former journalists ourselves, we have a first-hand understanding of how newspapers, television and radio work – what journalists need from you and how best to help you get your points across successfully.

Whether it’s preparation for a specific print or prime-time broadcast interview opportunity we’ve secured or building broader media skills through one of our professionally designed courses – led by former World Service trainer Kristine Pommert – we can tailor solutions precisely to your needs.

Many of our clients learn indirectly on the job. Working with Bulletin, you always have someone experienced and capable supporting you in your media interactions – identifying suitable opportunities, helping you deliver interesting contributions effectively and quietly stepping in, Jeeves-like, if a journalist’s hand starts moving towards the wrong end of that stick!

* A true story, but name changed for obvious reasons!