Thought leadership

Investing in technology natives

Our journalist antennae are finely tuned. For example, they twitched when US-based fund manager Paul Tryon mentioned in conversation the demographic tidal wave of highly educated, “technology native” Americans succeeding the post-war baby-boomer generation.

These “millennials”, as they’re known (and there are 85 million of them), represent an investment opportunity. Paul is positioning his Marlborough North American Trust to reap the benefits of their love of technology and their entrepreneurial spirit.

We knew this would interest the readers of Investment Week – a key target audience for Marlborough – and successfully pitched the idea of a substantial feature.

It’s a simple illustration of how working with Bulletin makes life much easier. Your senior staff don’t have to come up with all the ideas. We’ll talk, ask questions, discuss what’s happening in the world and within your funds and products, tease out interesting themes – and then we’ll help turn the results into something that publications and their readers want.

Insightful, timely and well-written thought leadership articles demonstrate your expertise, subtly underline the distinctive features and strengths of your products and raise your company’s profile.

We’ve helped clients contribute pieces to many newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Telegraph and China Daily, as well as the investment trade press.

We offer a full range of support, from identifying and pitching stories to editing and ghostwriting. We also help you maximise the impact of articles by turning them into effective marketing material afterwards. Just ask for more information.

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