Clarity, spark and truth

Bulletin founder Martin Stott was a journalist for 20 years. He wrote for most of Britain’s national newspapers and made programmes for Radio 4 and the BBC World Service in 21 countries.

Two decades on the wrong side of the press release meant that when he fell into PR in 2005 he was determined to do it differently.

He knew the little things that journalists would appreciate, like pitching newsworthy stories to the right publication at the right time, learning deadlines to avoid bothering people under intense pressure, producing press releases that might actually be of interest and making clients sound like human beings rather than speak-your-weight machines.

The success of this approach – both with the media and, as a consequence, with clients – pointed to building a consultancy around skilled and experienced former journalists. Bulletin was the result.

We identified two niche markets – financial services and academia – perfectly suited to an approach rooted in intelligence and editorial clarity. We saw that both could benefit substantially from our ability to make the complex clear. We built our expertise and knowledge so we could add real value.

That word “value” was to be core. We employ a strategic approach, determining goals and target audiences and measuring our success in reaching them. We charge only for what we do. We don’t add mark-ups to expenses or for externally provided services like print and cuttings. We don’t tie clients into long contracts, which helps keeps us sharp and focused.

We’ve recruited talented and experienced people and look after our team well. Our staff retention is as remarkable as our client retention.

From the start our clients have asked us to secure high-profile media coverage for them. The demand for marketing literature has also grown enormously over the years. We’ve developed specialisms in public affairs consultancy, financial services marketing, graphic design, SEO and digital marketing to meet our clients’ needs.

It means that today we can provide a complete strategic communications consultancy.

We’ve built a strong business, with offices in London and Nottingham. We’ve built a strong roster of clients, including Deutsche Bank, EEA, Marlborough Fund Managers, the Universities of Nottingham, Aberdeen, Exeter and Southampton and many more. We’ve built strong relationships with journalists, editors, fund managers, academics and policymakers.

Above all, we’ve built a strong reputation for the quality of our work, our intellect and creativity and our honest, straight-talking approach – clarity, spark and truth. They make for a tough set of values to live up to, but the challenge helps ensure we remain different.