Our approach

We only charge for what we do. We don’t seek retainers and always agree up front how much work we’re likely to do each month. If we do less we charge less.

We share our timesheet data. We have nothing to hide, and our bespoke software shows you exactly how we’ve spent our time working for you.

We don’t do mark-ups – ever. ­We respect your money and don’t feel the need to ratchet up revenue by adding to expenses or suppliers’ services.

We tell it straight. We’ll be completely honest with you and give you the best advice we can – not simply tell you what we think you want to hear.

We respect confidentiality. We often work under non-disclosure agreements and with top-level management in organisations where confidentiality is paramount.

We keep you informed. Communication is what we do best. We work hard to make sure you feel in control and know where projects stand.

We won’t keep you waiting. Deadlines are a rule, not a guide. We respond to enquiries quickly and turn jobs round efficiently. We’re never late for meetings without good reason.

We listen to you. We seek to build strong relationships with our clients. We encourage you to give us honest and direct feedback – and we act on it when you do.