Making the complex clear

They may sound very different sectors, but financial services and academia have a number of things in common.

From a communications point of view, what unites them is the value of making the complex clear. Both benefit from an intelligent, experienced and highly skilled approach that combines strategic thinking with strong narrative.

If a financial services firm is to prosper it needs to articulate clearly the strengths of its proposition – to tell a story that’s honest, convincing and engaging. And it has to do that within a regulatory framework that would rather all providers put a picture of a barge pole on the cover of their marketing literature with a banner headline screaming: “Don’t touch this product with one of these.”

If academic research is to make an impact it needs to be accessible. It often needs translating into plain English and has to be communicated in an engaging way without being dumbed down.

Budgets are increasingly tightening in both sectors. This adds even more pressure to the need to identify and engage audiences in a targeted and creative way. This is where we come in.

We’re unusually strong editorially. The core members of our team are all highly experienced and successful former journalists. We’ve also built a team of specialists – graphic design, marketing, digital and public affairs experts – who can help us shape and broadcast stories most effectively.

We work for firms like Deutsche Bank, Friends Provident and Experian and universities like Exeter, Nottingham and Southampton.

We’ve built a strong reputation for securing high-profile media coverage, for raising awareness of our clients and their work, for designing and coordinating influential campaigns and for producing effective marketing literature. Bringing clarity to the complicated – in other words, telling stories and telling them well – makes it all possible.

No client is the same, and the work we produce for each is very different.  Choose the sector that applies to your industry and learn more about how we can help you.