Five tips for creating great content

Posted by Martin Stott

1. Grab your readers’ attention

The world is awash with content so, when writing, put the interesting, new and important parts where people will see them. Good headings, sub-headers and intros get significant information across concisely. If you have a revolutionary idea, product or service, then this should be front and centre. However, in order to grab the attention of the right people, you first need to…

2. …know your audience

The better you understand who you want to speak to, the more likely you are to create content that appeals to them. Are you looking to reach a general consumer readership, specialists in a given field, potential customers or current clients? Think about what is interesting and important to these groups and tailor your content accordingly. Avoid jargon for a general audience. When producing content for specialists, remember that oversimplification can be a barrier to being succinct. Only by knowing your target audience are you likely to…

3. …produce something interesting and original

Armed as you are with a rich understanding of your target audience, now you need to offer them fresh news or original insight into an issue that they care about. People like information that may benefit them professionally, intellectually or financially, or simply amuse them for a few minutes. Make your content richer by using images, infographics and video. Give your audience something they might want to share with friends, colleagues and business associates. Once you have an audience to target and an interesting angle, it’s time to…

4. …think about the right style for your channel

Whether you opt for an informal style suitable for Twitter or Facebook, formality for LinkedIn, imagery for Instagram or specialist terminology for trade outlets, be clear and concise. Long complex sentences make information more difficult to understand and absorb. Adapt your content for different channels. Short, timely and insightful comments work well on Twitter and Facebook. They help raise your profile and can be used to generate interest in longer, more detailed, pieces posted on your website or LinkedIn. Include links to other pieces you have produced as this improves your Google ranking, helping bring more people to your site. Once you’ve produced and tailored your content, it’s time to…

5. …include a call to action

Producing content has a purpose. It is to raise awareness of your services, products, specialist personnel or expertise so that potential clients want to engage with you. Like these blogs, each piece of content you produce and distribute needs a call to action. This is a prompt, encouraging the reader to get in touch, request a meeting, make a phone call, download a document or make a purchase. Lastly, make your contact details prominent and easy to engage with so you can be easily reached by those inspired by your content.

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