Maximising research impact

As a specialist research communications and impact consultancy, everything we do at Bulletin is designed to enable excellent research to deliver the greatest possible economic, social or cultural benefits – and to ensure the institutions we work with are ahead of the competition.

The move to guarantee academic research has a more positive effect on how we live, work and think is changing the way higher education institutions are funded. UK funding bodies are calling for academic research to make “an increased and sustainable contribution, both nationally and globally, to economic growth, wellbeing and the expansion and dissemination of knowledge”.

We have worked with around 30 leading universities and research institutes to maximise and demonstrate the economic, social and cultural impact of their research. We are knowledge brokers: a bridge between academia and users of academic research. Our team has expertise in strategic communications, knowledge exchange, journalism, public affairs, graphic/digital design and data analysis.

Our work aims to achieve the following:

– Maximise, track and demonstrate the impact of research

– Create new funding sources and consolidate existing ones

– Strengthen research collaborations and establish new income-generating partnerships

– Ensure high scores in impact assessments (e.g. REF, pathways to impact bids)

– Raise the profile of research to attract both funders and students

To meet these objectives, we work with academic institutions and individual academics to communicate research findings effectively to target audiences, engaging policymakers, the public, private and third sectors, the media, funders and the public.

We advise institutions on strategies to embed impact in their research activities – and provide support to implement them.

We deliver impact and knowledge exchange training to academic staff. And we create case studies that demonstrate research impact to potential and existing funders, and form the basis of impact case studies for REF 2020.

We use good storytelling and digital technology to make research engaging and accessible. We also provide editorial support and consultancy for major research funding bids.

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