Bulletin launches new ‘policy impact’ service

Posted by Kristine Pommert

We have begun working with a leading university in the south east of England on an institution-wide initiative to increase the impact of its research on public policy.

This exciting project has inspired us to launch a new dedicated policy impact service for universities either at a central level or for individual research institutes, centres, schools or faculties.

It is an offering we are well placed to deliver; our team includes knowledge exchange/communications consultants, journalists, a former MP and current public affairs professional, a qualified trainer, a graphic/digital designer and an experienced data analyst.

The service is designed to deliver the following benefits:

  • Position the institution as a recognised authority in key areas of public policy that tie in with its research strengths
  • Set up new links between the institution and the policymaking community
  • Through collaborative working, create a core group of academic staff who can advise colleagues on effective policymaker engagement
  • Provide evidence of the impact of the institution’s research on public policy debates, which will contribute to funding bids and REF submissions
  • Secure research funding – and therefore deliver a return on investment on this service – as a result of increased activity and profile in specific policy areas.

We achieve this by identifying the research areas at the institution that have the greatest potential to have a significant impact on public policy debates, devising and implementing policymaker engagement plans for each research area, and providing training to enable academics to develop the skills to engage successfully with politicians, peers and civil servants.

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