Transforming a specialist newsletter into a ‘feast for the eyes’

Client: World Federation of Rose Societies

Our CEO, Martin Stott, is a rose fanatic who recently began editing By Any Other Name ­– the heritage rose journal of the World Federation of Rose Societies – alongside international rose expert Charles Quest-Ritson.

The World Federation of Rose Societies was founded in 1968 and represents 40 rose societies around the world. By Any Other Name features research on heritage roses and is a labour of love by rosarians who want to dig more deeply into the history of roses and rose gardens internationally.The publication features well researched, quasi-academic, articles accompanied by beautiful pictures. The subject lends itself to great design. Bringing professional designers on board has transformed the look.

What did we do?

We created a style system flexible enough to cope with all article types. This included the introduction of new running headers and footers and establishing a consistent headline hierarchy. These changes have made the document easy to read and result in a professional feel. By changing the typeface for the headlines and body copy to provide more structure we made the articles coherent and engaging.

A new 12×12 grid layout generated purposeful space for the images to sit alongside their captions and allowed the articles to ‘breathe’, despite the dense text. ‘Pullout’ quotes were placed inside the layouts to support the narrative and allow readers to gather the essence of an article before settling down to read the whole thing.

We established a new colour palette that used colours closely associated with roses and nature. Gold was selected as an accent colour and as a result the pages now have a fresh zing to them. Using the very best of the imagery provided by the contributors the designers were able to create dynamic title pages to introduce the articles.

“The fresh new look of the transformed BAON – a feast for the eyes! I really liked the stylish layout.”

Rose Magazine Editor

By Any Other Name has an international audience so it was important that it could be easily accessed across multiple devices and platforms. Therefore, in addition to the traditional PDF we also created a digital publication link that can be emailed or embedded online.

What was the result of the changes?

The newsletter now has a new look and feel, which not only updates it for the 2020s, but also reflects the beauty and inspirational nature of the roses that it features. The changes have been very well received with plaudits coming from rose lovers around the world.

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