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Posted by Martin Stott

It was up there (almost) with watching Leeds beat Man Utd at Old Trafford in the FA Cup and England overcome Shane Warne to take the 2005 Ashes Test at Trent Bridge.

Three of our clients – Muzinich, James Hambro & Partners and T. Bailey Asset Management – entered the 2015 Investment Week Specialist Investment Awards. We helped write the submissions for Muzinich (entering them in six categories) and for James Hambro & Partners (in one category). All three clients got short-listed, so we hosted a shared table for the event.

First award up and Muzinich get a “highly commended”, the delighted fixed income team next to us scooping – one must always scoop – first prize.

Second award: Muzinich “highly commended” again. That sinking feeling begins to creep over you. And then:

  • Short-Dated Bond winner – Muzinich 
  • Specialist Fixed Income winner – Muzinich

Sighs of relief turn into muted cheers.

  • US High Yield winner – Muzinich

Loud cheer – team at table next to us no longer smiling.

  • Discretionary Fund Management Group of the Year winner – James Hambro & Partners
  • Specialist Fixed Income Group of the Year winner – Muzinich

As that last award was announced I believe I heard someone nearby say something like: “Couldn’t happen to a nicer set of people.” But I may have misheard. At the time I was stripped down to my Versace boxer shorts on top of the table doing a haka*.

Award celebrations

So all our clients who entered were shortlisted; we helped write seven submissions, took five wins and two “highly commendeds”.

In the after-celebrations I’ve been trying to work out what clients and potential clients might conclude from all this. Three things, I think:

  1. We keep good company.
  2. We understand our clients – we know how to identify and articulate successfully what makes each of them distinctive and strong.
  3. We’re passionate client advocates.

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future performance – as any Leeds fan will attest. But in our world of PR and strategic communications we like to think it is at least a guide.

Hearty congratulations to Muzinich, James Hambro & Partners and T. Bailey Asset Management.


*Exaggeration for comic effect. I’m a humble M&S man.

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