Good research can make – and save – you money.

It’s expensive to launch a new product and get it wrong. It’s far better to ask intermediaries or end customers what they think of it and how it can be improved.

If the feedback is good you know the product is commercially viable. You might even be able to use some of the research findings in your launch. If not then you’ve at least saved yourself many problems and can head back to the drawing board with useful knowledge to guide the redesign.

With the FCA now requiring providers to demonstrate they’ve identified a suitable target audience for new products, research is even more important.

We have:

  • Organised focus groups and interviews for several clients – including a well-known bank – looking to launch new products
  • Carried out valuable research to identify what would persuade our clients’ customers to invest more with them
  • Developed, delivered and supported a number of influential market index surveys that have generated regular coverage for clients.
  • Helped many clients to better understand their customers, whether IFAs, wealth managers or end consumers

We understand the key trends and developments in the marketplace and the opportunities they present.