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Client: Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management

The global financial crisis seriously damaged the image of much of the banking industry, but Deutsche Bank emerged with its reputation intact. Its CSR programme is outstanding, and its international strength and broad technical expertise make it a world leader.

In Germany the bank has a presence on every major High Street. It’s well known and respected. But within the UK its clients – many of whom became customers by default when its Wealth Management division bought the old Tilney Wealth Management business – really did not have an understanding of what an amazing organisation this is.

We were asked to help Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management produce a client magazine that would inform clients about relevant financial matters but also give them a deeper appreciation of the bank’s values and the expertise being applied to their wealth management, helping to strengthen the client relationship.

It had to be interesting – not just a load of PR puff. It had to look and feel good. It had to put faces to the organisation and show its humanity.

The result is Informed. The title describes Deutsche Bank staff and its clients – intelligent people, engaged with and interested in the world around them.

Vibrant, engaging and powerful use of imagery support strong human-interest stories.

It features strong human-interest stories and celebrity interviews, fascinating (not worthy) CSR tales, economic commentary and engaging investment and wealth planning stories. Two themes run through the magazine – a quirky device that gives each topic an “In” heading (Intelligence, Insight, Interview, Investment etc) and an often subtle but definite link back to Deutsche Bank (we didn’t want to just produce another Sunday-supplement-type publication).

Strong use of imagery and illustrations make it a magazine with a long shelf life – something clients keep to read at their leisure. We produced online and app versions of the magazine.

Feedback has been very strong – from clients and relationship managers alike. It’s a good illustration of our strategic, editorial and design expertise.

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